Luxury Vehicle Storage

Luxury Vehicle Storage Solutions in Perth

As Perth’s leading indoor vehicle storage provider, we understand what your luxury vehicle means to you. Situated conveniently near Perth Airport, our secure facility ensures maximum protection against unauthorized access, accidental damage, vandalism and environmental damage.

Why store your
car with us?

VIP Car Storage offers:

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Secure Indoor Storage Perth

Secure, Cost effective & Hassle free

The VIP Car Storage Promise

Secure Entrance

Electronic controlled access gates, supported by advanced recognition technology

24/7 CCTV Cameras & Alarm

Continuous monitoring ensures your vehicle is safe from vandals and intruders.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are  in place to prevent damage.

Indoor Storage

100% undercover, we keep your vehicle safe from UV and weather damage

Well maintained facilities

Regular cleaning ensures  the highest standards of care.

Convenient Location

Just 10 minutes from Perth Airport with easy access to major arterial roadways, our storage warehouse is conveniently, centrally located.

Trickle Charging

Keeps your vehicle charged and ready to go whenever you need it.

Maintained by car lovers

Like you, we are passionate about cars and go the extra mile to care for every vehicle

Regular starts

We include regular starts to ensure your vehicle and tyres stay mechanically sound

Hear From Our

Satisfied Customers

Long and Short Term,
Convenient Caravan

At VIP, we understand everyones needs are different. Sometimes you need a parking fix that’s flexible and available right now. We offer short term, temporary parking solutions for your vehicle.  Other times, you might be looking for a long term, permanent home for your vehicle.  Beyond simply storage, our service revolves around care and your convenience, with strategically located and accessible facilities for 24/7 retrieval. We’re more than a place to park your car; we provide hassle-free car storage, that prioritises your convenience at every step. 

Secure Luxury Car Storage Solutions

At VIP, safeguarding your luxury vehicles is our top priority. Our facilities boast cutting-edge security features, including advanced surveillance systems and restricted access protocols, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable assets.

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Seeking top quality luxury car storage at a value-for-money pricepoint? VIP Car Storage is right choice. Entrust your high-end vehicles to us while enjoying unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Contact us to secure your luxury car storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

VIP Car Storage understands the importance of protecting your valuable assets. While our facility is equipped with robust security measures, including surveillance cameras and on-site personnel, we recommend that luxury vehicle owners maintain comprehensive insurance coverage for their vehicles. This ensures that your vehicle is adequately protected against any unforeseen circumstances during its storage period.

VIP Car Storage welcomes luxury vehicles with various modifications and customizations; however, certain restrictions may apply. We advise luxury vehicle owners to consult with our storage experts regarding any aftermarket modifications or alterations to ensure compliance with our storage facility’s guidelines and regulations.

Absolutely! VIP Car Storage prides itself on offering tailored storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of luxury vehicle owners. Whether you own an oversized luxury SUV, a custom-built supercar, or a rare vintage automobile, our facility can accommodate special storage requirements to ensure the safekeeping of your luxury vehicle.

VIP Car Storage provides Valet pick-up and drop-off  services for luxury vehicles to and from our storage facility. If you require transportation for routine maintenance, repairs, or storage relocation, our experienced team can help arrange safe and secure transportation for your luxury vehicle.

Absolutely! VIP Car Storage welcomes enthusiasts with multiple luxury vehicles and offers flexible storage options to accommodate your collection. Whether you own a fleet of classic cars, a selection of high-performance vehicles, or a combination of luxury automobiles, our facility provides secure and spacious storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements.