The Ultimate Guide To Winter Car Storage

In the colder months throughout winter, it’s crucial to consider the wellbeing of your vehicle. While the season might not always bring extreme weather, the shift in temperatures and conditions can still impact your car. This guide is your go-to resource for navigating winter car storage, offering a comprehensive approach to protect and maintain your vehicle during the colder months. Whether it’s your cherished classic car or your daily drive, these tips and techniques will ensure your vehicle remains in top-notch condition, ready to hit the road when winter thaws.

Why Winterise Your Car?

Even in regions with milder winter conditions, the cooler temperatures can still present challenges for vehicles. While not as extreme as icy environments, the cooler weather can lead to stiffness in rubber components and may affect battery performance. The drop in temperature can also make engine oil more viscous, impacting the smooth running of your vehicle. Although road salt might not be a concern, fluctuating temperatures and increased moisture during these months can still contribute to wear and tear. Properly winterising your car is key to navigating these milder winter challenges effectively, ensuring it maintains its performance and is ready for operation when warmer weather returns.

Winter Car Storage Checklist

  1. Cleaning and Waxing: Begin your winter preparation by thoroughly cleaning your car to remove any salt and dirt buildup, which can lead to rust. After cleaning, apply a high-quality wax to protect the paint from the harsh winter elements.
  2. Fluid Management: Check and replenish essential fluids. Antifreeze is a must to prevent freezing in the radiator. Switch to a thinner, winter-grade oil to ensure smooth engine operation in cold temperatures. Also, replace the windshield washer fluid with one that’s formulated for sub-zero conditions.
  3. Battery Maintenance: The cold can severely impact your car battery’s performance. Inspect the battery for charge and health. During winter storage, a trickle charger is a good investment to maintain the battery’s charge level.
  4. Tyre Upkeep: Proper tyre maintenance is vital. Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure to combat the cold’s impact on tire pressure. If your vehicle will be stationary for an extended period, consider placing it on jack stands to prevent tire flat spots.

Vehicle-Specific Considerations

Special attention should be given to different vehicle types. For example, convertibles need extra care for their soft tops, which should be cleaned and treated to avoid cracking and fading. Classic cars might need additional rust protection and moisture control due to their age and rarity.

Insurance and Security During Storage

It’s important to maintain insurance coverage on your vehicle during storage as protection against unexpected events. Ensure the security of your storage location is robust, particularly if the car will be stored off your property.

Pre-Storage Inspection

Conduct a detailed inspection of your vehicle before storage. Look for any leaks, mechanical issues, or necessary repairs. Addressing these issues beforehand can prevent them from worsening over the winter.

Regular Maintenance Routine

A common question is how often you should start a car in winter storage. It’s advisable to start the car every two to three weeks. This keeps the battery charged and the engine lubricated. Check the tire pressure during these intervals and adjust as necessary. Adding a fuel stabiliser prevents the gasoline from deteriorating, which is vital for prolonged storage.

Embrace Winter with Confidence: Secure Your Car’s Health

Winterising your car is an essential part of vehicle maintenance in cold weather. By following these steps, you ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition throughout the winter months. Proper winter preparation not only safeguards your vehicle but also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your car is well-protected against the season’s harshness. Remember, a little effort in preparation can go a long way in preventing potential issues when it’s time to bring your car out of storage. 

For those seeking expert care and tailored storage solutions, VIP Car Storage offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your winter car storage needs. Entrust your vehicle to our capable hands this winter and welcome spring with a car that’s ready to hit the road in its best shape. Get in touch today.